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One patient’s journey with genetic testing and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease


Two years after Naya started missing developmental milestones — and nearly a year after a neurologist first suggested genetic testing — her family finally has answers.

Naya with her family

Striving to live a normal life with hypokalemic periodic paralysis

De cómo unas “señales de advertencia” en unos antecedentes médicos ayudaron a una familia a hacerse cargo de un cáncer hereditario.

“Ahora ellos mismos pueden tomar sus decisiones en vez de dejar que el cáncer decida.” — Monica

La historia de Monica


How health history “red flags” helped Monica’s family take charge of hereditary cancer.

An unexpected result

“I really didn’t expect it to be cancer,” she says. “Both my parents and my husband are doctors, so I’m very practical when…

Learn how genetic testing helped Becky feel less fearful when faced with the possibility of breast cancer


“When I took the steps to do genetic testing, I was not fully aware of what the impact would be,” she says. …

How genetic testing helped this patient reduce her risk of breast cancer

How this adopted woman found a sense of control over her family’s future health using genetic testing.

Liz with her daughter.

The unexpected way Stefanie found closure after a miscarriage

Connect with Stefanie on Instagram at

I felt like…

How a genetic counselor helped this family deal with Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

Patient Nancy Lehman and 2021 Heart of Genetic Counseling Award finalist Amie Hass, MSN, ARNP


Invitae Corporation is a genetics company committed to providing genetic information to help inform healthcare decisions throughout all stages of life.

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